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Library Giving Day

Thank you for your generosity and participation in Library Giving Day 2023!

Online donations to Bellingham Public Library are collected through the Whatcom Community Foundation. Library Giving Day donations are held in an Unrestricted account to be utilized by the Library immediately.

This online fundraising event gives library lovers like you a chance to celebrate and support the vital services libraries provide in our communities.

What will Library Giving Day donations support at Bellingham Public Library in 2023?

Bellingham Public Library Board of Trustees invites donations to Library Giving Day to allow funding for items or projects that are not currently funded through the City of Bellingham’s budget for the Library. In 2022, Library Giving Day raised $12,000 to curate diverse Community Voices Book Kits and re-establish Community Drop Boxes.

This year, the Bellingham Public Library Board of Trustees are raising funds to create a fun, engaging, brain-building, play space in the new Bellis Fair Branch for children ages birth – 5 years and their parents/caregivers. We have specifically identified an interactive wall installation in the shape of a Salish Sea wave to provide nursery rhymes, counting, measuring, matching and other play-based experiences to help children learn.

Why is this project important now?

  • Bellingham Public Library is opening a new branch inside Bellis Fair Mall in spring 2023.
  • The library is for everyone, beginning at birth. We want to create free spaces that are welcoming to the wonder and activity of children, and provide activities that promote engagement and attachment with caregivers.
  • This interactive wall installation will be inviting to children and help develop early habits as life-long readers.
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How will this project help the Library meet its mission?

Library service to children and families is a core service of the library. We acknowledge that lifelong learning begins at birth, and that parents/caregivers are a child’s first and best teacher. We want to help foster attachment, curiosity, delight and joy through spaces, books and programs. Additionally, children learn through play, and this ask will help create a space for play and learning for families.

What will be the benefit of this Library Giving Day project?

There are five key practices that can help build a strong brain foundation during the early years of life: talking, singing, reading, writing and playing. Daily intentional integration of these practices helps a strong foundation upon which a child can learn to read when ready, and succeed in school. The Library’s early learning play spaces and activities provide prompts and opportunities for parents to sing, rhyme, practice fine motor skills and be creative together, putting those five practices into action.

Why should I be excited about giving?

  • Children in Bellingham deserve creative, engaging and fun spaces to visit to read, play and learn. We want to help provide such a space in a free, welcoming setting.
  • This is a new, unique play opportunity; something different than a child would have at home or even at school.
  • This space is also a wonderful opportunity for children and caregivers to meet, interact and connect. Parenting/caregiving for young children can be such an isolating experience; having free, open, engaging and fun spaces like this allows for the natural meeting of other parents/caregivers in similar situations.