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Local Author Collection

This is a donation-based print collection that provides a place for Whatcom County authors and illustrators to share their craft, experiences and work with the community and each other.

A local author or illustrator is a person who lives in Whatcom County, is from Whatcom County, or has a tie to Whatcom County that is evident in their work.

Local authors and illustrators are invited to donate their printed and bound works to the collection.

  1. Authors/illustrators may donate up to 2 copies of a title, with a maximum of 15 unique titles in the collection at a time.
  2. Donation of books does not guarantee addition to the Bellingham Public Library Local Author Collection. Donated copies not added to the collection will not be returned to the donor, but rather will be given to the Friends of the Bellingham Public Library.
  3. Librarians will apply selection criteria in the Collection Development Policy when making donation decisions, with some acknowledged differences:
    • Self-published titles are encouraged for this collection.
    • Leniency regarding the durability of a book’s binding will be given. The book must still withstand circulation and the library will not bind or provide special processing.
    • Scholarly works not intended for a general interest (e.g. dissertations, theses, etc.) will not be included in the collection.
  4. The library may add titles to the collection that are not donated by the author/illustrator.
  5. Teen and adult titles will be added to the Adult Local Author collection. Items for children will be added to the Children’s Local Author collection.
  6. The Local Author collection is not an archival collection. It is possible the library may not make an effort to replace donated materials that are missing or lost in circulation.

Donations for the Local Author collection are accepted at the Bellingham Public Library during open hours at a public service desk.

Donors must submit a Local Author Collection Submission Form with the donation. Forms are also available at the public service desks.