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Freegal Music is a free music service from your library. All you need is your library card number and PIN. Freegal offers access to 15 million+ songs. The collection includes hundreds of genres from over 40,000+ labels with music that originates in over 100 countries.

CHANGE ALERT: On January 3 we are migrating from our existing Freegal instance to an instance shared with Whatcom County Library System. You will have to register to use the new combined BPL/WCLS platform, even if you have previously registered to use BPL’s. It will be possible to migrate your existing Playlists and Wishlist, but not your listening history (Recently Played and My Music) or Recent Downloads.

Update January 4: The Freegal team was able to migrate the Wishlist and Streaming Playlists of existing BPL accounts. If you had saved anything to your Wishlist, or created any Streaming Playlists of your own, you should find them waiting for you when you register on the new platform!

New link for computer users: https://wclsbpl.freegalmusic.com/home

If you have used Freegal’s Downloads feature to save songs or videos to a personal computer, you will not lose your downloads. If you downloaded to an Android or iOS device you also won’t lose your files, but we recommend backing up your downloads to a computer, just to be safe. These links point to help files on how to download:

Mobile Devices – use your smartphone or tablet. When logging in for the first time it asks you to ‘Enter either your Zip Code, City, County, or Branch of Armed Forces below’. We recommend entering your Zip Code.

The library to choose is named Bellingham Public Library & Whatcom County Library System*.

Apple App Store

Google Play store

Kindle Devices – get the app through the Appstore on your Kindle Fire (gen 3+)

Computers – use your PC or Mac

* Note: if you search for ‘Bellingham’, the first search result, ‘Bellingham Public Library’, is for a library in Massachusetts.

  • Starting January 2023, stream unlimited audio, up to 24 hours a day!
  • Download up to 5 songs a week (videos count for 2 downloads), keep track with Freegal’s download counter
  • Find music by browsing music genres, artists, playlists or what’s trending. Search for specific artists, songs, or albums
  • Create and share your own playlists

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Freegal’s FAQ

Send us a question using our Washington Anytime Library Help Form

Contact the Public Service Desk by calling (360)778-7323