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Library seeks candidates for Board of Trustees

The Bellingham Public Library Board of Trustees seeks candidates to fill an upcoming vacancy on the board. The position will be vacant beginning in January, 2017.

The Board of Trustees is the governing and policy-making board for the Bellingham Public Library. Board positions are voluntary and residents chosen to fill them are selected to serve five-year terms.

“Public libraries are changing in new and exciting ways,” Bellingham Public Library Director Pam Kiesner said. “Today’s libraries are places where people connect with each other and the world. We are looking for enthusiastic, community-minded candidates who want to help guide the library into the future.”

Citizens are encouraged to apply who meet the qualifications, have a passion for the Bellingham Public Library, can articulate the library’s vision, and who are familiar with our community. In order to be considered, candidates must be United States citizens, residents of Washington State for at least the last three years, and residents of Bellingham for the last two years.

Information about the library and the Board of Trustees can be found on the Bellingham Public Library website:

How to apply

Information about applying for the Library Board of Trustees can be found on the City of Bellingham website: Boards and Commissions Application Process

Completed applications should be returned to the City of Bellingham Mayor’s Office. Applications will be reviewed and interviews conducted by the Board of Trustees. Final candidates will be interviewed by the Mayor, who will recommend a candidate for Bellingham City Council approval. The process will remain open until a new Trustee is selected.

For information, please contact Bellingham Public Library Director Pam Kiesner, pkiesner@cob.org or 360-778-7221.