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Share Your Skills with Your Community at the Library

Do you have skills you are willing to share? The Bellingham Public Library invites you to present free SkillShare workshops at the Central Library.

The Bellingham Public Library is bringing people together to share and learn through a program called SkillShare.

People with skills to share are invited to apply to partner with the library to schedule an activity, demonstration or presentation. SkillShare hosts present their skills on a voluntary basis. All Skillshare programs are free of charge and open to the public.

“We created flexible space for interactive activities right in the middle of the library,” Bellingham Public Library Director Pam Kiesner said. “We designed it to be visible and inclusive, so people can walk by, see or hear an activity and easily join in.”

Kiesner said the library is looking for programs that support life-long learning, spark creativity and encourage self-expression. They especially want to host activities that are not widely available, or are not typically available free-of-charge.

“We want to experiment and try out new, creative ideas,” Kiesner said, adding that the possibilities are endless — music, gardening, jewelry making, video production, yoga, creative writing and more.

“These are just a few examples of the kinds of activities we envision taking place here at the library. SkillShare is one of the unique new ways the Bellingham Public Library is meeting our mission of connecting our community with each other and the world,” she said.

Pilot project successful so far

The library has been trying out SkillShare programs while developing an application and scheduling process.

So far, popular activities have included group ukulele lessons, qi gong, technology coaching sessions, and opportunities to try arts and crafts such as knitting and greeting card making.

In addition to attracting drop-in participants, activities are listed on the library’s online calendar and in library promotional materials, so people can also plan ahead to participate.

SkillShare activities are hosted in a small, open space on the main floor of the Central Library downtown. Seating for 16 people is available, or tables and chairs can be moved to host other types of activities, such as tai chi, dance or yoga.

The creation of this special activity space in the library was funded by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, with local support from Zervas Group and Friends of the Bellingham Public Library.

More information, including more information about the types of programs we are looking for, expectations of SkillShare hosts, and application information, is available on the Bellingham Public Library website at www.bellinghampubliclibrary.org.

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