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Bellingham Public Library Celebrates Native American Heritage Month in November

November is recognized nationally as Native American Heritage Month. As it does every month, Bellingham Public Library honors the heritage and sovereignty of all Indigenous peoples, throughout our community, our continent and our world. Our Library staff listens to the voices of Indigenous Storytellers, and provides thoughtful reading, listening and watching recommendations for adults, teens … Read more

Library Honors Native American Heritage Month by Sharing a Film Screening with Althea Wilson

To recognize and celebrate Native American Heritage Month in November, Bellingham Public Library was honored on Nov. 4, 2021 to feature a screening of the film “Revitalizing Cultural Knowledge and Honoring Sacred Waters: The Documented Oral History of Life on the Nooksack River,” with Tli’nuk’dzwidzi, Althea Wilson, Lummi tribal member, documentary film maker and Northwest Indian … Read more