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Bellingham Public Library Celebrates Triviamania! in July

The Bellingham Public Library celebrates Triviamania! in July. Do you love trivia or books about pop culture, history, geography, sports, science and more? As always, our staff have great recommendations to get you started.

Books for Adults

Who? Where? When? Why? What? How? Folks who love trivia want to know the answers to these questions as they relate to every subject under the sun! If you’ve got a curious mind, and love to do deep dives into researching a particular topic or skimming through books full of interesting tidbits on ALL kinds of different topics, July’s theme is for you.

Trivia can be silly, serious, obscure or obvious and every nonfiction book you read, or documentary you watch, increases your odds of winning that next round of pub trivia and impressing your teammates with the storehouse of knowledge that is your brain! Visit the Bellingham Public Library today and ask our staff for help finding books to build your trivia skills.

Library Staff Recommends:

Answers in the Form of Questions by Claire McNear

“From television gameshows to pub trivia and board games, trivia has gained a surprisingly ubiquitous place in our society. Through all this, Jeopardy! has remained the gold standard that nearly everyone knows and loves. In this book, Claire McNear takes readers behind the scenes to see how the beloved program’s magic is made.” – Rob, Public Services Librarian  

Books for Children

Kids are naturally curious and we have so many great books filled with information about our world and the how and why of things! Visit the Children’s Department at the Bellingham Public Library to find these great titles and more.

Library Staff Recommends:

A Book About Whales by Andrea Antinori

“From orcas to blue whales, this beautifully illustrated book tells you all about the biology, behavior, and history of the planet’s largest animals!” – Maggie, Public Services Clerk

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World: the Extraordinary True Story of Shackleton and the Endurance by Jennifer Armstrong

“In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton, along with a crew of scientists and sailors, attempted to be the first to explore the entirety of Antarctica by foot. When their ship became entrapped in ice, the men were forced to abandon their mission and try to survive in the brutally harsh Antarctic wasteland for 19 months. This account of the harrowing expedition reads like an adventure novel.” – Mandee, Children’s Specialist

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Inside Animals by Barbara Taylor

“Have you ever wondered what the inside of a bird, bug, or animal looks like? This book shows you the insides of animals along with lots of fun facts!” – Bernice, Children’s Services Librarian

Recommended for ages 4 and up

Digital Research Tools


“Experience the world through cultural information on more than 200 countries”.

To access CultureGrams using your library barcode number, visit the Digital Resources page on our website, and select Research Tools, then scroll down to CultureGrams and sign in with your barcode number.

Local Trivia Events

Whatcom Literacy Council’s Annual Trivia Bee

Each year the Whatcom Literacy Council hosts a Trivia Bee to raise money for the great work they do in our community. The 2022 Bee took place in April, and the date for 2023 hasn’t been announced yet, but keep an eye on the WLC website for more information about the Bee and other Literacy Council events!

Pub Trivia in Whatcom County

There are so many local Trivia Nights that we can’t possibly list them all here and we’d hate to accidentally leave one out! To find a live trivia event that suits you, a quick internet search of “pub trivia Bellingham” will pull up oodles of options!